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Novell NetDevice NAS can be deployed quickly on the LAN. Existing, consolidated servers can be redeployed for the NAS application server, or less expensive diskless servers can be purchased for additional savings. The NAS application can be booted directly from the MAGNITUDE hardware platform, providing almost instantaneous recovery with a replacement server in the case of a server failure. As it does in a SAN environment, the MAGNITUDE hardware platform centralizes data and applications for NAS environments, making storage easy to manage, allowing for resource consolidation and for scalability.

"We were looking for two things: we wanted a simple way to manage storage with high performance and scalability, and we needed it to work with our heterogeneous environment," said Jim Harrell, Systems Manager at Gordon College in Wenham, Mass. "XIOtech's strategy was right in line with our needs. Unlike some competitors who make you decide up front whether you're going to use NAS or SAN, XIOtech's networked storage foundation allows us to move back and forth. We like the flexibility of the direction XIOtech has taken. Storage has become an asset to leverage rather than a headache."

"This solution allows companies to implement and access storage today in a way that makes sense for them and have the capability to grow as needed," said Dan McCormick, VP of Worldwide Marketing for XIOtech. "XIOtech's virtualized storage architecture makes us uniquely suited to leverage the benefits of Novell NetDevice NAS. The result is a solution that gives businesses enterprise-class storage while saving them time and money."

Unlike traditional NAS appliances, Novell NetDevice NAS provides cross-platform management, authentication, and file sharing. These unique capabilities create a one Net environment in which all enterprise users can access any data stored on any Novell NetDevice NAS appliance.

"Novell NetDevice NAS provides customers with simple and quick implementation of file access for multiple platforms," said Jeff Hawkins, vice president of product management for Novell's Networking Services and Solutions Group. "XIOtech provides an exceptional storage platform for the flexibility and scalability of the solution. We know customers such as Gordon College have been seeking this kind of solution and we're pleased to team with XIOtech to provide it."

Business benefits include:

  • Quick and easy file access and storage capabilities
  • File access for multiple Operating Systems, including Novell, Microsoft, UNIX, Linux, and Apple Macintosh
  • Immediate scalability of NAS storage system
  • ROI with acquisition cost savings, storage management savings, system and applications availability (versus cost of downtime) -- Improved performance and storage utilization with centralization and virtualization capabilities of SAN
  • Capability for improved backup, restore, archive and business continuity
  • Flexibility to support NAS, Fibre Channel SAN, and storage over IP About XIOtech XIOtech Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seagate, develops comprehensive network storage solutions and was the first in the industry to develop true storage virtualization. XIOtech's virtualized storage architecture -- comprised of the MAGNITUDE SAN hardware platform and Real-Time Data Intelligence (REDI) software family -- incorporates all the components of a SAN into a tightly integrated, easy-to-manage, highly available configuration. XIOtech's virtualized storage architecture makes storing, managing, safeguarding, and retrieving data on heterogeneous computing platforms easy and cost effective.

For more information, visit XIOtech's Web site at

Seagate is one of the world's leading provider of storage technology for Internet, business, and consumer applications. The company's products include disk drives for the enterprise, PC, and consumer electronics markets, as well as SAN solutions. Seagate's market leadership is based on delivering award-winning products, customer support, and reliability to meet the world's growing demand for information storage. Seagate can be found around the globe and at

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